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19 August 2023, Sat 10am-2pm

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Wealth Creation Gift

A 55-page e-book on "Secrets To Trading Mastery” . Learn what makes a consistent trading system and insider information that stock brokers don't want you to know!

What You'll Discover....

  • The Options Profit System – Strategies to ensure you’ll ALWAYS be profitable regardless of market directions.
  • The Options Plug & Play System – Simply copy & paste this powerful method onto your trades, and see an almost instant improvement in results.
  • How To Protect Your Profits While Scaling Your Trades – Many traders are overcome with greed when they make a little profit, and end up losing a big chunk of their capital in the end. I’ll reveal the “cautiously aggressive” way you can protect your wins, and still grow your portfolio at the same time.
  • A Savvy Formula To “Cherry-Pick” Winning Trades – Our students have used this formula to execute laser-targeted, profitable trades with an accuracy of 86%. Use this formula for yourself and who knows…you could enjoy even better results!
  • The Key To Cultivating Trading Discipline – Undisciplined traders are prone to making expensive mistakes, which could wipeout their portfolios. Learn how to trade with poise, precision and discipline instead to profit perpetually.
  • Many Other Options Trading Strategies, Techniques And Secrets To Consistently Make Winning Trades... Despite The Downcast Market Outlook!



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Wealth Mentors

Wealth Mentors brings an exclusive variety of world-class training that enables people to enrich their lives with more of what they want and deserve. The key is discovering what works best for you.

We are a group of trainers, professionals, and heart-felt human beings—enriching lives since 2003. Whether that is your physical health, finances, quality relationships—we believe wealth is a holistic experience of abundance in all areas of your life. There are many ways to start your journey with us, and there are many paths to growing wealth. You choose. Our approach to helping our clients grow, is the same approach we take in our lives as well. So we celebrate the diversity of strengths, talents and passions required to realize our vision. Everyone can be wealthy by choice, and everyone can be wealthy in their own way.

Wealth Mentors has received the prestigious Promising SME 500 Award, initiated by the Small Medium Business Association. The award recognizes and acknowledges promising small and medium business enterprises for their extraordinary contributions to the country’s economy and business landscape.

Awardees are selected based on stringent judging criteria including consistent business performance, operational efficiency, good business practices and positive feedback.


Q: How long will this FREE Smart Traders Seminar last?

A: The Seminar is scheduled for 3 hours.

Q: What should I prepare for the FREE Smart Traders Seminar?

A: Show up on time, but more importantly, your full presence and attentiveness to learn the secret to your financial breakthrough through Options Trading.

Q: Can I invite a guest to the FREE Smart Traders Seminar?

A: Most definitely YES! Do invite your family and friends for this life-changing event by sharing this link with them....

Q: Will I have to buy anything?

A: As we stress, not only is the seminar free, but when you show up, you will also receive a FREE GIFT. In addition, there is an option if you wish to continue your education. but it is entirely up to you, you will get a lot of value from the free workshop as our trainer will give his all to demonstrate his expertise.

Q: I need more info, who should I contact?

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